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1.18.11 - Sketch Card Commission Examples, X-Men Archives Sketch Card images added.

9.28.10 - Anna Mercury v2, Fevre Dream, Ignition City, Rawbone, Supergod, Wolfskin covers added to Avatar cover galleries

Green Lantern Emerald Dawn, JLA/The 99, Superman Last Family of Krypton covers added to the DC cover galleries

11/10/08 - Light of Thy Countenance SC & HC covers added to Published-Covers-LightofTheyCountenance

09/30/08 - Spider-Man vs Venom, X-Men, V for Vendetta, The Question, Women of DC, Kill Bill, JSA added to Commissions-Painting gallery

Anna Mercury #1 Canvas Cover added to Published-Covers-Anna Mercury

Fantastic Four, X-Men, Hulk & Iron Man covers added to Published-Magazine gallery

08/26/08 - Marvel, DC, Other sections added to Pinups gallery

Recreations section added to Commissions gallery

08/16/08 - Gambit & Wolverine vs Sabretooth added to Commissions-Paintings gallery

08/15/08 - Lady Death Prints & Sketchcards added to the Published-Prints-Lady Death Prints gallery

08/14/08 - Lady Death & Doktor Sleepless Covers added to the Published-Covers-Lady Death gallery

8/12/08 - Anna Mercury Covers added to the Published-Covers-Anna Mercury gallery

Felipe's Artist Proof Sketch Card Commission list is now open!


New covers added to the gallery + Felipe is now also doing covers for DC Comics!

Superman: Last Family of Krypton #3

JLA/The 99 #1


Covers to upcoming graphic novel with Alan Moore - Light of Thy Countenance revealed

Softcover on left / Limited Edition Hardcover on right

Rittenhouse FF advertisment showcases a sexy new sketchcard by Felipe

Bizarro Painting donated to save Superman's (Jerry Siegel) House

Felipe donated this awesome Bizarro painting to help raise money for the Siegel & Shuster Society Auction. More info about the cause can be found at: http://www.ordinarypeoplechangetheworld.com

To bid on the painting - click here

Hellblazer/Constantine Sketches

Here's some character sketches of Constantine for a story that Felipe is creating for his portfolio.

Demon/Etrigan Sketches

For the same project mentioned above - two versions that Felipe is contemplating using.

Another Fantastic Four Sketchcard Revealed

Shown on Rittenhouse's newsletter at http://www.scifihobby.com/newsletter/080807/

Check out the new card

Fantastic Four Sketchcard by Felipe Massafera

Felipe to do Fantastic Four Sketchcards!

Felipe was one of the artists chosen to create sketchcards for the upcoming Fantastic Four Archives trading cards by Rittenhouse. You can find more information about the set at http://www.scifihobby.com/products/marvel/fantasticfour/

Here's a peek at one of them

Fantastic Four Sketchcard by Felipe Massafera

Felipe to paint Alan Moore's upcoming Graphic Novel from Avatar Press!

Announced at Wizard World Chicago by Avatar Press E-I-C, William Christensen with the full story at http://www.comicbookresources.com/?page=article&id=17033

The panel ended with the announcement that Alan Moore will return to Avatar next year with several new works, including the first fully-sequential work painted by "Anna Mercury" cover artist Felipe Massafera.

"2009 is the year of Alan Moore for us," said Christensen, who noted that Moore and Massafera's graphic novel is done, and “it's yummy."


Welcome to our new site!

We just started this webpage to share Felipe Massafera's wonderful art. We will be adding more content every week - maybe even every day as we are trying to get the site fully loaded. Check back often and we hope you enjoy what you see from this stunning, upcoming new artist from Brazil!


Felipe is now accepting requests for commissions - please click here for more information or contact us using the contact us form or via email at nekosphere@yahoo.com